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Getting Health Insurance in Mexico as an Expat

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Mexican Social Security vs Private Health insurance

If you can afford private insurance do it instead of choosing the Mexican Social Security.

This is due to lack of great government hospitals and a long wait time.

You’ll also have more chance of an English-speaking doctor at a private hospital than a government one. .

With a private health insurance you will be covered at private hospitals in your residency place with coverage for accidents all over Mexico, and coverage and flights back to Mexico if you suffer an accident abroad.

IMSS is usually around 5,000 MXN per year (for a whole family).

Foreigners who have residency in Mexico do qualify for this. With this insurance, you would be able to use the IMSS medical center.

Get a broker for health insurance in Mexico

You can get insurance yourself online – you would fill out the application forms (which are in Spanish) and then submit additional paperwork like your passport copy and proof of address.

While you don’t need residency, you will need proof address like a bill in your name. If you have a lease in Mexico, it’s no problem – you just take the lease, a copy of the lease, and a copy of your passport with you to the electricity bill office and ask them to change it over to your name. It takes ten minutes!

If you want to compare multiple plans from top private insurance companies in Mexico, it’s best to go through a broker who you can talk to about your budget, deductibles you want, coverage you’re looking for, and more so that you can get multiple options.

What to look for in health insurance in Mexico?

It’s not the same in all countries so in case you aren’t used to Mexican insurance, here are the main things to make choices on:

  1. Level of the hospitals you want – it is by stars here like a hotel would be. We wanted 5-star service, so asked for 5-star hospitals!

  2. Region – do you want just your state, do you want all of Mexico? Do you want international insurance? You’ll have to decide this for a quote.

  3. Max insured sum – typically 100 million pesos is enough for a maximum of coverage per event

  4. Deductible – the deductible can range to whatever you want, but we reccomend something between 15,000 to 50,000 Mex Pesos.

  5. Coinsurance – usually it is 10%

  6. Coinsurance limit - usually between $40,000 to $70,000 Mex Pesos.

  7. Tabulator – You want this set to as high as you can afford.

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