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Estetoscopio en el cardiograma
Health is your most valuable resource!


Private health insurance policies are intended to protect you against economic imbalances or loss of family assets, which can be caused by an accident or serious illness to you or any of your dependents.

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Casa moderna
Property Insurance

Have your house insured against all risks!


Home insurance is designed so you can enjoy the peace provided by insurance ownership, through a coverage package that will protect you against many risks to which family assets are constantly exposed:


  • Main structure and contents of your home

  • Glass and mirrors

  • Theft of household items

  • Family liability

Las pilas de monedas
Asset Management
Secure your Assets!


It is a specialized product, designed for individuals who want to save or invest in a fund to guarantee their living standards.


Also, on certain occasions or with a certain frequency, you can have some spare cash and can allocate savings, in addition to tax deductibility benefits.

Puerta del auto
Car Insurance

What is auto insurance?


It protects your assets against the financial losses caused by a motor vehicle accident or theft of the vehicle, as well as damages and injuries caused to third parties or the occupant of the vehicle.

Horizonte urbano
Corporate Insurance

Designed to provide protection against all risks that your business is exposed to!

The basic coverage includes:

  • Building or Fire of Building and/or Contents

  • Consequential Lossess

  • Third Part Liability


Optional Coverages include:

  • Hydrometeorological Hazards

  • Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption

  • Outside goods

  • Accidental glass breakage

  • Theft of contents, money and/or Values

  • Machinery and Electronic Equipment breakage

La vida es hermosa
Life insurance
Inherit tranquility, not problems!


There are events you want never to happen but there are some that are inevitable, one of which is death and it always occurs  prematurely.


It is true that nothing can replace a life, but the financial security for their dependents and their quality of life is a benefit that can be protected with life insurance.

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